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This comprehensive plan aims to enhance community infrastructure and foster sustainable growth in the Mount Joy neighborhood and its surroundings. Yesterday, the Council held Development Services Committee Meeting to present the project to the public by live stream. They expected to have over 610K people living in Markham area around 2051.

Mount Joy
Mount Joy
Mount Joy
Mount Joy

Key features of the plan include:

  • Improved Connectivity: Proposed enhancements to transportation networks, including roadways, sidewalks, and cycling paths, to improve accessibility and mobility within the area.
  • Community-Centric Development: Plans to create public spaces, parks, and recreational facilities to encourage community engagement and promote healthy living.
  • Mixed-Use Zoning: Integration of residential, commercial, and retail spaces to create a diverse urban environment that meets the needs of residents and businesses alike.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Support for arts and cultural programs to celebrate Markham’s heritage and foster creativity and innovation within the community.
  • Economic Development: Strategies to attract investment and create employment opportunities, driving economic growth and prosperity in the area.

The “Your Markham: Road to Mount Joy” plan is the result of extensive community consultations and reflects the city’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of its residents.

Stay updated on developments and opportunities to engage with the project as it progresses.

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