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Tailored training programs

JDL Realty has built its training system in a way that caters to both new and experienced agents. This way each agent receives the relevant support they need to succeed—at any time in their career.

About Us

Working with our hands-on leadership team, you’ll be shown how to face challenges and overcome hurdles to create successful scenarios for your clients, and with your colleagues.

“JDL Realty Brokerage provides very professional and efficient license registration services and pre-market training for new agents, which is the cradle for the rapid growth of real estate newcomers.”

- Jie Lin Yang

“Quality training for agents to provide excellent client care to buyers and sellers.”

- Vivian Kang

“Best Real Estate Brokerage I've ever seen.”

- Jason Wang

New Agents

JDL Realty offers the most comprehensive training program in the GTA. New agents will benefit from onboarding training that consists of four areas of essential real estate knowledge.

  1. The ins and outs of the communities that different types of buyers are interested in. You’ll be taught about the neighbourhood features that draw in each demographic to a specific area.
  2. How to draft an offer that’s customized to the client and solid enough to cover complex real estate situations.
  3. How to navigate the pre-construction and commercial markets, and understand the differences and nuances between the inventory, processes, and clientele of each.
  4. Lead generation tactics and marketing best practices.

Training generally happens in 2 hour sessions, once per week, for three months. Agents learn all the basics—and far beyond—to complete a deal in the field.

Practical Mentorship

Our broker-led training is unique in the industry. Agents at JDL Realty have a unique opportunity to learn directly from our broker of record with a quarter century of GTA real estate wisdom.

1.Interactive learning

Our training is hands-on and engaging. It is not simply a lecture forum. Building on and going beyond the education provided in licensing programs, our training includes things like extracurricular learning and mock sessions, including offer strategy and negotiation practice. Agents are tested on various real estate scenarios before entering the industry.

2.Neighbourhood knowledge base

Our broker of record imparts over 25 years of neighbourhood knowledge to our agents so they have a thorough understanding of the areas clients are interested in. Through intense community analysis, we educate every agent about the GTA neighbourhoods, the differences between them, and which areas appeal to which buyer type.

3.Market education

Agents learn about both commercial and residential markets,  as well as pre-construction. You’ll understand how to strategically evaluate property to provide invaluable service to buyers and sellers of all real estate. Commercial real estate training focuses on expanding understanding of the market and connecting agents to market resources and sellers

4.Pre-construction preparation

A lucrative line of business for agents, JDL Realty thoroughly trains agents on the pre-construction market and processes. Agents learn how to submit worksheets, access floor plans, price lists, and more. You are also taught how to evaluate pre-construction locations to understand the trajectory of the neighbourhood so you can provide better value to clients.

5.Building a network

Agents will learn how to turn their existing relationships with friends, family, and colleagues into their professional network. You’ll understand how to evaluate their real estate needs and provide specific advice that will create value for their real estate investment.

Our Leadership

Work together, grow together.

Experienced Agents

Our brokerage has specific training programs for agents at different stages in their career. As an experienced agent, you’ll be taught new strategies for growing your business and ascending the real estate ladder. You are supported by the brokerage through:

  • Face to face time with the broker of record 
  • Leadership support and advice through every transaction
  • Correction of bad habits that are negatively affecting your business
  • The rebuilding of your real estate knowledge system
  • A competitive commission split

Whatever your reason for wanting to begin your real estate career or expand your business, JDL Realty Inc. Brokerage is the perfect incubator for accelerating.

Ongoing support

As a part of our team, you’re never on your own.

  • Our on-duty manager provides real-time assistance to agents in the field.
  • The admin team provides efficient back-end support; we help you prepare deals, provide you with a database of forms, and help you streamline the transaction behind the scenes. 
  • Our in-house marketing department helps with branding, websites,  listings, social media, and more.

Ready To Join JDL Realty?

Looking to jumpstart, pivot, or grow your real estate career? We have the resources and mentorship you need. If you:

  • Are committed to growth 
  • Are passionate about real estate and helping others
  • Are a licensed real estate agent
  • Excel in fast-paced environments
  • Practice honest business

We want to hear from you. Fill out the form and attach your resume to send us your application.

Responsible real estate

Ensuring our agents are supported with training materials that are current is a priority for our brokerage. That’s why we consistently update our programs according to RECO and OREA guidelines.

Protecting our agents—and our clients—is also a priority. Operating with ethical practices and acting with integrity are paramount to our mission. And, ensuring our brokerage and agents adhere strictly to FINTRAC standards means all stakeholders are protected.

Industry-Leading Experts

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