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Forest Hill Community Overview

Forest Hill is one of Toronto’s most prestigious and beautiful neighborhoods. The gentle hills, winding roads, and small parks within the community add considerable charm to the area. The majority of residents are white, with half of them being Jews and their descendants who moved from Spadina during World War II. In recent years, other ethnic groups have also started to move into the community.

Forest Hill

Forest Hill History

The history of Forest Hill dates back to 1860 when it was established at the junction of Eglinton Avenue and Old Forest Hill Road. It was incorporated as a village in 1923 and named after resident John Wickson. Before the incorporation, the area was known as “Spadina Heights,” derived from the First Nations word “Ishapadenah,” meaning a small hill or a sudden rise in the land. The southern part of Forest Hill, south of Eglinton, was fully developed by 1930, while the northern part developed more slowly due to the Old Belt Line railway. In 1967, Forest Hill Village merged with Swansea Village, becoming one of the last villages to be annexed by the City of Toronto.

Forest Hill

Lifestyle and Amenities

The Forest Hill shopping area is located at the center of Spadina Rd and Lonsdale Rd, offering boutique shops and high-end restaurants catering to the affluent residents. The west side of Eglinton also provides affordable shopping areas and eateries. The area is well-served by public transportation and is close to the Allen Expressway. The renowned Belt Line Trail, approximately 15 kilometers long, is popular for walking and cycling. The Forest Hill Public Library, located on Eglinton Avenue West, offers a wide range of reading materials and community programs for different age groups.

Geography and Properties

Forest Hill is centrally located in Toronto, adjacent to Rosedale and The Bridle Path. The community boasts a beautiful environment with diverse landscapes and several parks. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board’s neighborhood map, the southern part of Forest Hill spans south to St Clair Ave, north to Eglinton Ave, west to Bathurst, and east to Avenue Rd. The area primarily features detached houses, most of which were built between the 1860s and 1930s. Architectural styles include Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and Tudor, with many buildings designated as historical landmarks.


Forest Hill is renowned for its prestigious schools, including Upper Canada College (a private boys’ school), The Bishop Strachan School (a private girls’ school), and Forest Hill Collegiate Institute (a public high school). Upper Canada College, founded in 1829, is one of Canada’s most prestigious private boys’ schools, offering IB programs and producing many distinguished alumni.

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