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Office Outreach

Direct Delivery/Education @ Your Office

Enjoy the convenience of having an instructor deliver education in your own office (or other facility). Call Paula Krauth, Education Programme Manager at TREB at (416) 443-8145 for details regarding costs and requirements.

MLS® Office Outreach

Each session, led by Brenda Gwilliams, is 2-hours in length, carries 2 CE credits and costs $5.25 (tax incl.) per attendee.

• A Comprehensive Review of MLS® Rules 2006 • An Overview of 2010 Commercial Forms • An Overview of 2010 Standard Forms • Best Practices when Dealing with Clients and Customers • How REBBA Affects You Every Day • Topical Issues of the Real Estate Industry • The Real Estate Industry: What you need to know

Call Brenda Gwilliams at (416) 443-8165 to book your office. (A $50.00 + GST minimum charge applies)

Take Your Office to Class

How about a "Take Your Office to Class" Day?Studies show that the information you retain immediately after a session gradually diminishes if it is not reinforced. Wouldn't it be great for your sales staff to attend a computer class that is reserved for your office alone? Think of all the collective knowledge on tap when they are back at the ranch! What one forgets, someone else remembers and vice versa. What a great way to reinforce their learning and help them earn some RECO credits along the way.

Choose any full or half-day computer class, call David Baldwin -- Manager, Technical Training (416-443-8100 ext. 8492) to book and we'll give you a selection of available dates and times to choose from.


On a larger scale, what about reserving a Continuing Education Seminar in TREB's auditorium. Have your people ever attended a seminar and felt like it didn't quite apply to their situation or specific office practices?

Have they wanted to ask a question but been too shy? Be a hero to the office and arrange a private seminar at TREB. Get them the information that's relevant to your circumstances. Guarantee a private forum for questions and discussion. Give them an opportunity to share concepts and issues with their office colleagues and earn RECO mandatory education credits at the same time.

For more information on rentals of the treb auditorium or classroom #3, call Paula Krauth -- Education Programme Manager at (416) 443-8145.

TorontoMLS Tips and Tricks Office Outreach

These 2-hour/2 CE credit information sessions conveniently allow you and your salespeople to learn valuable information without having to leave the office. (It is not necessary to take them in order.)

TorontoMLS "Tips & Tricks" Part 1 TorontoMLS "Tips & Tricks" Part 2 TorontoMLS "Tips & Tricks" Part 3 TorontoMLS "Tips & Tricks" Part 4

Details: • Each session is 2-hours, 2 CEs and costs $5.25 (tax incl.) per attendee. • No advanced registration of individual attendees is required; participants fill out a CE card at the session. The cards are collected at the end of the session by the TREB trainer. • CE credit certificates will then be mailed out to the host office for distribution. • The total amount charged will appear on your monthly TREB invoice. (A $75.00 + applicable minimum charge/15 attendees applies). A step-by-step colour Quick Reference Guide will be provided to each participant.

Requirements: High speed or wireless Internet access. Plain wall or screen.

Call Mable Wong in the Education Department at (416) 443-8153 to book your office. Please note that separate date outreach bookings for Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are required. Bookings will be taken on a first call/first served basis.

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